Q & A

Why “carrot bowl”?

When trying to think of an appropriate name, I remembered a house-rule from my husband’s childhood. If they were hungry, they couldn’t eat anything in the kitchen except the (you guessed it) carrot bowl. With a young family, they needed to stretch every penny (like we all do) and this was one way to do it. So, welcome to my carrot bowl. I hope you find a good snack here!

How do you set up such an awesome food blog? :)

I had been doing my Pretty Dubs home blog for a while now, but wanted to try out wordpress instead of blogger. I found Pinch of Yum and their Food Blogger Pro website that is amazing. Lindsay and Bjork do a great job providing step-by-step blog building instruction. They have tons of videos and I really don’t think I could have made it where I’m at without Food Blogger Pro. Shout out to them! Thanks, guys.

How to teach kids about eating healthy?

We teach our children about the detriments of smoking by telling them: it gives you cancer, your teeth fall out, it makes babies sick, etc. What do we say about eating?  The most common is “eat so you’ll be faster and stronger”. I’m not convinced that’s the right answer.

Eating healthier will make your body function better so you might run faster and be stronger, but that’s not why we should tell our children to eat healthy.  Tell them about the physical things that happen when we don’t take care of our bodies. Talk about heart attacks. Tell them about the affects of high blood pressure. Tell them about esophageal cancer. Tell them about diabetes. Kids can understand better when they hear the physical ramifications of eating a poor diet. It’s not simply “faster and stronger,” the answer is more involved, but it’s work giving.

And what makes you an expert?

I’m not.  I’m just learning what I can from everyone around me and hoping to share it with you. I have no expert qualifications of any kind and you should not take what I say from a professional opinion. Consult a doctor with questions.

Do you sautee with oil?

No. I saute with water almost 100% of the time.

For example, if I’m sauteing onions, I’ll dice them and add them with a small amount of water to my pan. I stir and keep an eye on them the same as I would with oil. The water will evaporate and you might need to add more. I don’t let them be soaked in water, just enough to keep them wet and not burned. I’ll cook them until they are soft and translucent. Other veggies get the same treatment.

Do your kids want treats

Absolutely. But I love the phrase “out of sight, out of mind.” It works for me and it also works for my kids. If they get treats from something/someone, then they can have one or two, but then they go on top of the fridge. They might ask about them for a couple days. I might say no one day and yes the next. After a week or so, they just about forget about them. After about two (I don’t really keep track), I throw them away. Some people might think this is wasteful. It is…but so is giving my kids unhealthy food. It’s a sometimes food. If they happen to ask about their candy later than that, I’ll tell them I threw it away. They know the drill now, even though I haven’t sat down and laid it out for them. It’s just what happens and I don’t make it a big deal. Good luck!