Workout #2

Work It #2

Life is an adventure!

Recently I invited some friends to come over for regular workout sessions. I come up with the workout and tell them what to do. I wasn’t expecting the positive response I got and I’m excited to see where this leads me. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with friends and neighbors to workout, having them get to know each other and work hard together. I love the camaraderie vibes that come from this! One person wants to be able to do full push ups, another wants to do pull ups. I love the challenge of helping them get strong.

This is the first workout we did together.

The quote I shared at the beginning of this session was, “Sweat cleanses from the inside. It come from places a shower will never reach.” – Dr. George Sheehan

When it comes to hard work, this has been one of my favorite quotes for a while. I feel a measure of “clean” when I work hard and I love it. Sometimes hard work might feel intimidating, but once you step up to it, it doesn’t look as daunting.

This will give you a good sweat session. (Find workout #1 here). I loved the challenge of this one all over – arms, legs, butt…so with that, I bring you WORK IT #2.


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Banana Pancakes with Caramel Syrup

Banana Pancakes with Caramel Syrup

When I think of caramel apples, I think hard, too sweet, and too much without a savory kick. It’s not satisfying even as a sometimes food. This is. Banana pancakes will give you some protein and savory, top that with cinnamon apples and homemade caramel syrup and this is the best version of carmel apples you’ll ever eat.

First, you need to decide on your pancakes.

We’ve had this with french toast, crepes, out-of-the-box pancake mix, and banana pancakes. As a sometimes food, figure out which one works best for you. However, if you want to eat on the healthy side, actually getting something from your pancakes, I’d recommend the banana pancakes.

They are super duper easy, so easy that they don’t seem possible…. 

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Dynamo: Dean

Dynamo #7 Dean


When I interview people for Dynamo, I consider it one of the most important things I do. I love to listen to the things they love, their challenges, their successes, and their goals. It makes me so grateful that I have a platform to share their stories with other people. Dean is one of those.

The last Dynamo, Kerri, and I tried to get together several times for her interview. One of those times she introduced me to one of her clients, Dean. He was reserved yet powerful. He looked successful, ready to help anyone with anything, and gave off the attitude of hard work and dedication. Kerri has been his personal trainer since last March and he has lost over 100 pounds since then. He was ready to change his attitude towards food, fitness, and his own perception of who and what he was.

I’m grateful for the chance I had to meet him, feel of his energetic spirit, and witness the sincere respect he had for Kerri while at the same time she had for him.

Dean is a Dynamo. He’s joining a community of people who inspire and empower those around them through healthy living. I believe in the good of every person and I believe that these stories can change our outlook, our personal dedication, and our perception of the people around us. These interviews are meant to capture the journey, where ever that is right now. Introducing our next Dynamo, Dean. … 

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Dynamo: Kerri

Dynamo #6 Kerri


Watching someone’s fitness journey is exhilarating.

While I followed Kerri around and listened to her talk with sincerity and respect about herself and her clients, I couldn’t help coming away feeling good about myself. She is empowered to make a difference. She not only has her own health journey to focus on, but the health of her clients as a personal trainer. She’s the kind of trainer that will lift you up, really listen to you, and push you forward.

When I first met Kerri, she has was pregnant and had just become a personal trainer. Now she is working towards her own fitness goals and has helped hundreds of lives. I love her passion for hard work and goal setting. I love that one of her favorite qualities about herself is friendship. She’s candid and dedicated and working on a life-balance just like the rest of us. She’s a mom, a personal trainer, and knows that we only grow when we fail.

Kerri is joining my community of Dynamos. This is a series dedicated to showing real people, real power-houses, who inspire me and people around them in their healthy living. You might not always think you do, but I believe that we all influence others more than we realize or recognize. That inspiration is empowering for others and ourselves. I believe in the good of every person and I believe that these stories can change our outlook, our personal dedication, and our perception of the people around us. Only through coming together can we move forward in love, acceptance, and power.

Introducing, Dynamo Kerri…. 

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Vegan Hawaiian Haystacks

Hawaiian Haystacks

How long does it take you to make dinner?

This dinner takes me until the rice is done cooking. Fast. It’s easy to throw together last minute…bonus points that everyone feels like they get to own what they make, personalizing their topping choices. I love mixing different flavors and textures together, so this is pretty close to the best dish. It’s not fancy, but it’s colorful.

More color = More healthy

(Last night one of my kids said, “Then it can have candies all over it, because they’re colorful, and it would be healthy!!” No. They would try to get away with saying that.)

If you’re new to hawaiian haystacks, the key topping ingredient is pineapple.

If you’re already familiar with them please consider changing up your options! Seriously, take out the meats and cheese (vegan!) and explore a little. I think you’ll be surprised at how tasty it can be. Consider this as a meatless Monday option!… 

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How I Cured My Runner’s Knee

How I Cured My Runner's Knee

It was so painful that I would be right to the edge of the pain, right when I was ready to cry, and slow to a limp. I’d do a slight hop on my current good leg and then walk it out. Then it would be sore going down stairs or sitting for a long time or even squatting to pull laundry out of the dryer. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even go 1/4 of a mile. Sometimes it even hurt up into my hips.

Hello runner’s knee.

This was 8 years ago. At the time my husband was in grad school and rode a shuttle to work. Knowing my struggle with wanting to run, and being athletic and a runner himself, he had overheard a conversation on the shuttle that changed my life…. 

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