Always Foods and Sometimes Foods

Sometimes Foods v Always Foods I’m keeping it real for you. My name is Bonnie and I’m mostly vegan but tonight I ate mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner.

I didn’t think I’d ever write about mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

It’s been over a year and a half that we’ve been eating clean veggie-based meals and the kids have done really well. Although they still complain about eating salad, I’m constantly amazed at how far we’ve come. I am not making this up, I have actually heard my kids say stuff like:

“Mom, can I just have a salad for lunch?”

Or “I think I have a tummy ache, I need to eat some healthy food.”

Or “Let’s mix pomegranates in.” (I like the random ingredient idea)

Or “I want jamba juice pancake ronies. That’s going to be yummy.” (yes, that’s made a made-up recipe)

Or “Mom, you’re going to be so happy. Today at school there was a lady who came in and was talking about eating healthy foods.”


But kids, like adults, have cravings and peer pressure of their own to combat. My whole goal for my family, is that when choices are presented, we will choose the healthier options. That between cookies and fruit, someday, the kids will choose the fruit. I want them to see food as a way to fuel their bodies and not as an emotional crutch. I love food and I pray my kids will learn to enjoy food and healthy eating as much as I do…. 

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Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl

If I had to pick a cold favorite thing to eat, this would be it. I can literally taste it right now as I look at the picture. The green smoothie, my own granola, and topped with some fruit. Triple yum. Sometimes I throw on a small handful of mini chocolate chips too, because chocolate is good for you. Well, it’s good for me sometimes.

In the evenings, it’s nice to have a snack to blog to or watch Modern Family with and this is one of those snacks. I saw the idea somewhere and had to try it. I made my smoothie and poured it into a bowl instead of a cup. Kinda weird even now after I’ve done it so much. Then I topped it with granola (if you don’t have granola, top it with sliced almonds and/or green pumpkin seeds) and fresh fruit. Sometimes the fruit is bananas, sometimes blueberries thawed from the freezer, and sometimes I’m too lazy to put the fruit on top and I just eat it without. … 

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Bean Dip with Creamy Cilantro Sauce {Vegan}

Bean Dip with Creamy Cilantro Sauce

When I create, I’m fulfilled. When I experiment, whether or not I fail, I’m fulfilled. When I inspire others to create, I’m fulfilled. It’s not always about the outcome and as the quote on my mantle says, “happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” (from Margaret Lee Runbeck) My little heart beats to encourage others, to inspire, and to leave having helped, encouraged, or lifted. I’m not very good at it all the time, but I really try hard. It takes time to know people. You really have to listen to them, their stories, their hopes, and then share your stories. That building together creates an opportunity to trust, share, and inspire each other. I love it. And there’s really so many cool people that I want to be friends with, it’s getting out of control…. 

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Taco Tornadoes {Vegan}

Taco Tornados

We’ve been on holiday this week. A spring break holiday. We decided to kick it off with a lovely celebration of lice.

Yes, lice.

It’s Monday morning, I’m snuggling with my 7-year-old, then remembered he’d really been itching his head. So that, along with a classroom outbreak, got me out of bed rather quickly. After a literal 2 second head check, I could totally see small lice crawling around in his hair. 5 seconds later, yes, that was what I saw.

“Oh – my – word.” (That’s about as expletive as I get.)… 

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Chocolate Bark with Apricots

chocolate bark with apricots

I just had my favorite moment of the whole day.

I was tucking in my sweet 2 year old. (“Right now I’m two, but on my birthday I’ll be three,” I’m constantly informed.)

He wrapped his little arm around my neck and held on, wanting me to stay with him.

I love age two.

I love their independence and their sneakiness and their excitement to learn everything…. 

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Chickpea Salad with Dill, Celery, & Sunflower Seeds


Chickpea Salad with Dill & Sunflower Seeds

I’ve learned a couple things the past couple weeks. Okay, maybe month:

If you feel like you are in a good life rhythm, don’t buy a dog.

If you do adopt a dog, be willing to say it’s too much.

It’s okay to cry, even if the kids don’t, when you give the dog back. We named him Chowder. And yes, I was in the middle of the store crying…feeling like a fool. But it’s okay…. 

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