Healthy Fast Food

Fast 3 ingredient Salad - Carrot Bowl

Sometimes it’s about keeping it simple.

I love to experiment with new recipes, sometimes taking several hours happily being busy in the kitchen.

I enjoy having my kids cook with me, which always brings a little bit more mess, but also more positive vibes. Their voices surrounding me make me feel important and loved.

Today though, it’s about having a salad that’s easy, fast, and tastes good. It’s about minimal time in the kitchen and more sitting to enjoy while reading the latest posts of your favorite blog. You could pair it with some carrots and hummus if you’d like.

This salad is greens, avocado, and juicy clementines with some salt and pepper.

Quick food does’t have to be bad for you, it can be healthy fast food. Because it is.

Sometimes I like it that way too.

How To Make Quinoa

How to make quinoa

First off, I’m going to point out my sweet smile cheek wrinkle! Hello 30 years and going strong. :)

Now let’s get down to business.

It’s been a blizzard here in Portland for the past several days. My car has been snowed in for 4 days now. This leaves us with lots of family time (always a good thing), helping my sweet 2-year-old with his croupy coughing fever sickness, sledding, house cleaning, and generally coming up with other fun things to do. We rented redbox movies and wii games and squeezed in some home gym time, too. Today (since church was been cancelled due to super slippery roads) we playe games, cooked, read, crafted, and played some more wii.

Really, as long as we stay somewhat busy I don’t feel like the walls are closing in; the claustrophobia stays at bay. That can’t be said for the first part of the week – before it was even snowing. I have a thinker, an independent, and a problem solver in my children and they are wonderfully challenging and busily joyful all wrapped together. Continue reading

Pears and Resolutions

Dried Pears

We are now in February people.

Anyone remember their 2014 goals?

Just yesterday I tried to find the list I made and realized it was lost into cyber abyss, so the new list is handwritten and stuck to the side of my fridge.

Have I been true to everything on that list, not yet. But that’s why they’re goals. And they’re measurable ones at that.

The last 2 days have gone pretty well, but then I probably won’t do so well, and then I will again, and then I won’t again. That’s kinda how it goes. But if I have a list, if I have a goal to reach for, then isn’t that better than giving up all together?

So if you already feel like you have failed for the year, for your goals, you haven’t. They are still waiting for you.

Here are my fitness goals:

1. Do 300 push ups per week

2. Run 600 miles this year Continue reading

Coconut Carrot Curry with Chickpeas

Coconut Carrot Curry

Sisters can be awesome.

My sister Anna came to visit me recently and each day just blended into the next as we visited, she helped me with the kids, and we had simple, easy, and fun conversation together.

We each made ourselves vulnerable, the only way to make a relationship grow, and came away with a stronger bond and hopefully a closer future. Continue reading

Chickpea & Rice Soup With a Little Kale

Chickpea & Rice Soup with a Little Kale

This is my favorite soup right now. I’m pretty sure I raved about my black bean stew, but you’re going to like this one. It’s creamy comfort food that warms you and makes you want to do a little jig.

In my browsing, I found a vegan blog called Post Punk Kitchen. Isa runs the show there and is witty, real, and makes some awesome food. Just watch her videos if you need proof. I made four of her recipes in one week! Each of them combined things I hadn’t thought of and were put on my to-make-again list.  This Chickpea & Rice Soup With a Little Kale is going to be something you’ll want to make again too.  Continue reading

Avocado Toast for Breakfast

Avocado Toast

Happy New Year people! I’ve written “2014″ several times now and it’s weird. So far this first week has been great. I took a brief hiatus for December (really and truly wonderful and crazy busy month) and I’m happy to see you all here ready to eat healthy for 2014! Especially eating this avocado toast for breakfast. Continue reading