Asian Guacamole

Asian guacamole recipe with wasabi and soy sauce - a twist with a kick on traditional guac.

I’ve always thought of guacamole in terms of Mexican food. Thanks to going to the food blogger conference Indulge in Portland this past weekend, I unexpectedly enjoy another! Adding wasabi and soy sauce to your avocados is going to be the next game-changer. Promise.

During the conference California Avocados put on a guacamole show-down. We were divided into teams and then each took turns scrambling for ingredients that we had to use. I was with some pretty talented people and together we pulled off a win with the best guac! This recipe is that result…. 

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Dynamo: Graylin

Get inspired by Graylin, a yoga studio owner and teacher and an elementary school librarian.
How we met:

Graylin is an elementary school librarian, a yoga studio owner and teacher, and she believes in the power of practice.

Graylin contacted me after seeing Morgan’s Dynamo post. She is doing an amazing job at balancing her life of teaching in a studio and in a school. I am inspired by her honesty, her determination, and the way she’s put herself out there by starting her own business. May we all gain balance of “going with the flow” and enduring unpleasant moments on our journeys.

This is Dynamo interview #22. Dynamo people are power-houses, movers, and pave the way. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. You are one of them. Graylin is one of them. I am honored to share her story and help it ripple to another. My belief is that telling our stories empowers us and inspires others in their own healthy journeys. When we listen to each other, we are more patient, more kind, and more willing to continue listening. Together we rock! Do you thing, find your own groove, and inspire the world…. 

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Dynamo: Marco

Dynamo: Marco Back Story:

Marco is a lifter and a spinner, dedicated to achieving goals, and passionate about inspiring others. He was full of positive vibes and was generous with his time to talk with me.

We met at the mall. I was in the lego store with my kids. They were building and browsing and Marco was there with his son too. As the kids played, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to talk about healthy living. I feel grateful for Marco’s willingness, for my eye to see an opportunity, and for a world filled with so many amazing people.

Welcome to the Dynamo community, Marco. You definitely belong there. Your story of consistent and positive living is exactly what we all need. It empowers each other to tell and hear our stories; we become more dedicated, inspired, and kind. We really are more alike than we are different. I hope you have a fabulous day filled with goal setting and a lifestyle you’re proud of. With that, here’s Dynamo Marco.

What does healthy living mean to you?

For me it’s a lifestyle that I get up every day and work out, eat, it means clean living. So it’s a way of life. I think it makes you a better person. As far as what I achieve for work and being a father, it influences me in such a great way, it’s never giving up. Just keep going. What you start you will finish and achieve your goal…. 

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Dynamo: Kacey

Dynamo: Kacey

The Back Story:

Kacey is a busy mom who tries to be the example for her kids. I ran into her at Trader Joe’s as she was between activities for herself and her kids. We so often walk next to strangers who we’re afraid to talk to, but we’re all so much alike and trying our best to do and be good. I feel privileged to have a platform that gives me an excuse to meet new people and listen to their stories. Your story doesn’t have to be fancy or frilly, it just has to be yours.

Kacey is joining the team of Dynamos. You are Dynamo because you’re a power-house, you’re a force for good, and you are working hard with what you have. You are an example and a leader, even if it’s for a small group. I believe that when we share our stories, we are empowered to be better people. Your story is exactly what will affect someone else in their healthy lifestyle. When we share, we learn to accept, forgive, celebrate, and give love to those around us. Pretty awesome. Thank you Kacey for agreeing to this pop-up interview! You rock and are doing an awesome job as a mom!

What does healthy living mean to you?

Trying to feed my kids whole foods. Pretty much clean eating. We try to eat organic when we can. Just living a healthy lifestyle…being active outdoors.

How has your example motivated or inspired others?

I hope I’m setting a good example to my kids. That’s the most important thing for me. I think it has. We live a healthy life and I know they love fitness.

What type of fitness do you like doing?

I love doing yoga, I like hiking, and I love doing weight training too.

What piece of advice do you like to share?

I think it’s all about balance. Just try to do the best you can when you can. And also allow yourself to have fun a little too and cheat! (laughs) 

How has living this way helped make you who you are?

I was raised this way because my mom was super healthy, so it’s been instilled in me. It’s made me just want to instill that in my children.

What do you want to be remembered for?

For having a big heart.

Go To Green Smoothie

Go-To Green Smoothie

I was afraid of kale in smoothies. I thought it would be bitter and have that earthy “rough” taste. Um…no. I was so wrong. Paired with some tart from lemon and lime juice and some sweet from frozen mangos, it’s perfect. I’ve been making this one for a while now. Sometimes I’ll drink it smooth, but adding some fruit chunks and my favorite homemade granola makes it the perfect filling snack or breakfast…. 

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Dynamo: Becky

Dynamo: Becky

Back Story:

Becky is a waterfall seeker, an outdoors extraordinaire, a photographer, and has one of the coolest vibes I’ve encountered. She’s also a mom, a diy-er, and super humble about all things she can do. I personally love her competitive streak. We’ve played some basketball together and we get fierce…in a good way. To top that, she’s a great listener, an artist, and helps her kids raise bunnies so they can use the money for their own devices. So cool. (All pictures in this post are from her.)

I think one of the amazing things about Becky is that she knows exactly what she wants to do. Yes, she’s taking care of her kids and keeping house, but she wants to be an outdoor photographer. Her work speaks for itself. It’s her passion and being active as a family while getting such amazing shots is central to her life. I’m so grateful she agreed to this interview to give you peak into her musings.

Becky is joining the community of Dynamos. You are a Dynamo if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. This looks different for each person, we like different foods, activities, and hobbies, but we each have a story to tell. I believe that these stories empower you, the Dynamo, and others on their own Dynamo journey. We affect those around us more than we comprehend. Our lives, our love, and the light we share with each other can bring inspiration, peace, and encouragement in our own stories. With that…Becky.


Why is the pull to nature so strong for you?

When I’m out in nature, I feel so small, my problems feel so small.  I feel like I can just be myself out there, I don’t have to try to impress anybody or play any “roles”.  It’s one of the very few places where I truly feel at peace.  It re-charges me, helps me to feel more, and to see more beauty in the everyday….let me not fail to mention that the Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful, and I love getting out there and seeing things for myself…. 

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