Pears and Resolutions

Dried Pears

We are now in February people.

Anyone remember their 2014 goals?

Just yesterday I tried to find the list I made and realized it was lost into cyber abyss, so the new list is handwritten and stuck to the side of my fridge.

Have I been true to everything on that list, not yet. But that’s why they’re goals. And they’re measurable ones at that.

The last 2 days have gone pretty well, but then I probably won’t do so well, and then I will again, and then I won’t again. That’s kinda how it goes. But if I have a list, if I have a goal to reach for, then isn’t that better than giving up all together?

So if you already feel like you have failed for the year, for your goals, you haven’t. They are still waiting for you.

Here are my fitness goals:

1. Do 300 push ups per week

2. Run 600 miles this year

As I was thinking about this, I came across this article “Dear New Girl at the Gym.” It is perfect. I completely agree with what she says. Read this now.

it's still a mile

If you’ve decided to make this your year at the gym, and I hope you have, then I’m cheering you on. There has to be a beginning and even though there’s a flux of newbies at the gym in January, don’t let that turn you off. Be one of the ones that actually sticks around. You’re worth it. And even though you have to start small, it’s still a start.

When I’m in the middle of my workout and really feeling it, this is the mantra that’s running through my head:

don't look cute at the end of the workout

And those days that you just don’t feel like it, make yourself put on the workout clothes. Psst…cute workout clothes are going to give you a little confidence boost too!

Sometimes it’s the first step that’s the hardest. Once you’re out the door, you can’t give into your “it’s too hard” shoulder angel, you have to prove her wrong! I have a friend that is working her butt off and is super excited that her clothes coming through the laundry are mostly workout clothes. That’s a good week.

wake up and work out

Bottom line, I’m totally advocating for your health. I think food plays a tremendous roll in how our bodies feel. Like 80%. But that other 20% feels so good too. It makes you feel strong and confident and happy. It’s hard work that totally pays forward.

If you’re looking for some random fitness inspiration and exercise routines, check out my Fitness Pinterest board. And if you’re looking for an awesome app, get the Nike Training App. It has some seriously good workouts. Filter your level, your desired length, your type of workout – then they give you detailed instructions for moves and even videos. It’s FREE!

And I think you should eat dried pears. Especially if your friend Sierra brings them to you. Someday I’ll get a dehydrator, until then, I’ll gladly eat whatever she brings me. :)

makes you sweat


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