Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

This was one of those awesome times that I accidentally had the perfect shirt find. Don’t you love those?! This shirt is the perfect combo of fun, food, and a little sass. I love that my little guy knows what it says and tells lots of people whenever he wears it. Every time, people think it’s clever and I agree.

Graphic food shirts, yes please. I really think I need to get myself one. In case you are pining for this one, I found it at Crazy 8 and they still have some left.

There is actually a whole Etsy shop for shirts with the “Lettuce Turnip the Beet” graphic. The baseball T is looking good. Or maybe just the v-neck.

I want this “Lettuce be Happy” shirt in an adult size.

This “Hangry” shirt should probably be in all our closets. And when kids are hangry…watch out. Do your kids get crazy hangry like mine? It’s scary.

Because it’s totally random, this “Duck, Duck, Goose” shirt is kinda cool.

And because kale is so the thing right now…I know it annoys some people, but come-on, it’s way better than liver being the thing…“Thyme to raise some kale” shirt is looking pretty good.

Or these Kale shirts.

Or maybe these ones.

And still, maybe this one that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

We must like to eat because there sure are a lot of food shirts out there. Aahhh, choices. Happy food shirt day everyone!

My new favorite buckets

buckets My pantry has as many jobs as I do!

It has to house the aprons, the brooms, and the recycling. It has to keep it’s shelves organized between cereal, coconut, beans, etc, etc, etc, sesame oil, lentils, pasta, green chilies, spaghetti squash, nuts and dried fruit, cornmeal, vital wheat gluten, birthday candles, sugars, etc, etc, etc, chocolate, extra salt, the weird containers that need some place to hang out, and the extra boxes of baking soda I seemed to have acquired.

Sometimes it freaks out. Sometimes the cereal attacks. Well, that might be when the household 2-year-old waves his arms frantically and sends them all flying.

Regardless, I needed to get some things under control. I still have a ways to go (Bonnie get real, this is a forever job!), but I have found one of my new favorite things!


And not just any buckets. These are smaller ones that fit 2 stacked high perfectly under the bottom shelf in my squished pantry.

Another plus, I splurged a couple extra bucks and bought the twisting lids rather than the hurt-your-fingers-pry-off lids.

Seriously, I’m not sure it gets better than this. Wow, I’m such a mom. Good thing moms are cool!

If you want to get some, I found them in the bulk section of WinCo. They have big buckets and big twisty lids too. You’ll love them and want to find more uses for them. I promise.

Avocado Hummus Veggie Sandwich


With a grandma in town, hubs and I escaped for a date night this past weekend. We did a super cool thing and meandered through the bookstore without buying anything (love these kind of dates). I did get myself lost in the cookbooks, but I pulled out only wanting a couple things: True Food and Superfood Kitchen.

Bookstores give two purposes: make you feel smart and make you want to leave something significant in the world. Well, buying books could be another purpose, but that’s not what happened. :)…

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Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to Carrot Bowl

I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m excited and slightly anxious to share my new blog with you.

If you’re coming from Pretty Dubs, I hope you’ll still enjoy my home and crafty projects there as well as my healthy lifestyle here.  I have some good things coming up for both places.

As I (and all of us) wiggle into this new home site, I would appreciate any heads up on weird blog things or suggestions to different aspects of the blog.

Enjoy and stay a while.  :)