Healthy Chowder

Healthy Chowder - Dairy Free, Clams Optional

I feel so inspired.

I feel like we have a great opportunity to choose who supports us and who we reach out to. We have a choice to be lifted by the words, actions, art, service, and lives of so many around us. There are always surprise people that say kind things and reach out unexpectedly. For me, this happens in and out of social media. Granted some of our families might not be our #1 cheerleaders at all times (or ever for some) and we’ll have moments of really hard truth with close friends, I think we can find peace. I have a fighting heart that likes to feel and love and be loved. I think you do too.

I’ve had my share of hard truth sharing with friends. I mess up.

Several years ago, I was not as patient as I should have been, didn’t say things as gently as I could, and didn’t keep unhelpful thoughts to myself. I was a new mom, figuring out my place, my new life, and my new way of interacting with friends. I was called out on it. It was tough, and whether I thought I was totally wrong or right, I took the opportunity to change. It was hard because two friends came to me, they took me out for hot chocolate, then told me what a bad friend I was. They coated the message with desires to work through it…maybe. It was hard to take…. 

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Chickpea & Rice Soup With a Little Kale

Chickpea & Rice Soup with a Little Kale

This is my favorite soup right now. I’m pretty sure I raved about my black bean stew, but you’re going to like this one. It’s creamy comfort food that warms you and makes you want to do a little jig.

In my browsing, I found a vegan blog called Post Punk Kitchen. Isa runs the show there and is witty, real, and makes some awesome food. Just watch her videos if you need proof. I made four of her recipes in one week! Each of them combined things I hadn’t thought of and were put on my to-make-again list.  This Chickpea & Rice Soup With a Little Kale is going to be something you’ll want to make again too. … 

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Veggie Chili with Bulgur Wheat

Veggie Chili

I love it when you live in a place long enough to have good friends. I feel like it took a good year when we moved to Portland before I could see potential growth in the friendships. Now that we’ve been here for 3 years, I’m loving my friends. There’s something important about other female connections.

I have a friend that I know I could go to with anything, I’m totally safe with her; one that is my go-to decor and fashion guru; one that will always speak her mind; one who equally shares ideas; and ones where there’s just good flow. There’s the recipe friend, the pragmatic grounded friends, and the dream big friends. Those who like to run together and push each other. Friends who love each other’s kids and look out for them. And friends that make you grow.

One of my friends is awesome at retaining all her friendships in multiple circles. She can meet someone on an airplane, get a number, and hook up with the airplane friend, spouses also coming along. And they have a fantastic time! Totally random. But I really think all this living we’re doing is about how we connect with each other…. 

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Parsnip Leek Soup with Cumin and Mustard Seeds {plus the curry version}

Leek Parsnip Soup

Recently I’ve made a couple things with turmeric in them and I’m loving it! I was just reading about turmeric and in some places in India, they use turmeric tubers attached to string as necklaces or bracelets during weddings. So interesting!

I can’t tell you how much I love this soup. I know I raved about how I love black bean soup, but now there’s a contender. And although it’s actually going to be quite warm here in Portland this week, this is still on the menu again.

I found the initial recipe from the Cook Fresh Winter 2013 magazine. After making it the first time, I decided to really play around with some ingredients…. 

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Vegan Posole

It always makes for an interesting weekend when you throw in a visit to urgent care! My two-year-old takes the cake for having the most visits now, I’m hoping it’s not foreshadowing my future with this child. But it probably is.

This time it was an ear infection. Correction, a double ear infection. You know it’s bad when the doctor says, “this is the good ear?!” The other one was purple and bulging. Apparently it’s okay if an ear drum bursts as well. His hasn’t but I guess it still could. But with new meds, we’re doing good now. Phew!… 

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