Baking {the protein packed and nutty way}

Healthy Treats

Sometimes I get all bakey. Is that a word…nope. But I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

The timing is right, it doesn’t feel like a burden to stand in the kitchen for at least 4 hours, and once one recipe is complete, you move onto the next…joyfully.

My children are quite used to me being in the kitchen and we have some good conversation. I bake or cook and they do homework and report their day to me. Then they take their usual places at the dining room table and get their craft on: cutting a piece of paper into approximately 100 million pieces, writing stories, drawing, and paper stamping. These will be fond memories. Continue reading

Baba Ghanoush with Parsley

Baba Ghanoush

If I’m thinking of a go-to restaurant, the ones that you decide on last minute, we either go for Thai or Mediterranean. The Gyro House that’s by our place is run by Lebanese people that make some awesome food.

Mmmm…I can taste the falafel sandwich right now. And their hummus is so creamy, light, and not over-spiced. Then I tried baba ghanoush for the first time. It had the creaminess of hummus, yet an undertone of sweetness.

Some of the most rewarding cooking experiences are when a re-creation is successful: meaning you want to make it again and again…and again. I have Kalina to thank for this one.

Baba Ghanoush Continue reading

Car Crumb Explosion

Healthy Travel Food You’ve seen it. You look over the back of the driver’s seat and the floor is covered in day old or month old bread crumbs. Compliments of that piece of bread your 2-year-old just had to have on the way to the library. Next to that is a soggy carrot stick, bendable from sitting in a car kept in the sun-beat driveway. No idea when that one escaped. There’s a fruit leather wrapper, super sticky and inside out, plastered onto the cup holder in the back row. Then deep in the buckles are the unmentionables. You stick your fingers down there, trying to loosen the crumbs so when you vacuum, it can actually suck them up. You might knock off a blueberry that had tried to congeal to the side of the buckle and pull out no less than 15 almonds. Moving inward, you start to tackle the car seats. One of them has a permanent rattle to it. Once upon a time, you thought that giving the children pistachios with shells was a good idea. For the car, not so much. The shells were put in the booster cup holder, cup holder closed, booster turned upside down, and shells stuck for eternity. And the sand? Thanks to a beach trip with a lack of rinsing water, you brush the car fabric and it expels sand clouds for your enjoyment. Gum. I’m not even going there. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Granola Bar Bites

Granola Bar Bites

I’m super excited to tell you I ran over 22 miles last week! The breakdown was 3 6-milers and 1 just over 4 miles. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to run this much (thank you knees and ankle). But I’m feeling great now and loving it!

This morning I ran 5 miles at an avg. 8:25 min/mile pace. Faster than last week. Yea! I have a friend running the Uberthon Oregon Marathon and I think I might do the Half. That would give me about 9 1/2 weeks until race day and I totally think I could do it. I’ve run a half before about 4 years ago. I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get back into running so much. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Date Bars with Mini Chocolate Chips

Peanut Butter Date Bars

When I sit down to watch “So You Think You Can Dance,” I often need a treat. So I stand back up and make some peanut butter date bars. Because they are always good.

That’s usually how a tv/movie night goes in our house. Tyler and I sit down together and then I decide that the kitchen is clean and we’re feeling snacky…so I had better make something good right then. A clean kitchen talks to me. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

GF V Banana BP Chocolate Chip Cookies

First off, this isn’t my recipe. But it was dang good!

My go-to cookie recipe has been walnut based, but I think I’m slightly allergic to consuming that many walnuts, so this is a great alternative. And I like the flavor better anyway. I think the kids still like the walnut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies better, but I’m 100% sold on these. Continue reading