Blueberry Orange Scones

Healthy Blueberry Scones

Do you think soft, melt-in-your-mouth, and citrus infused when you think of scones? I didn’t.

I often think hard, dry, and a poor-excuse for calorie intake. Not with these guys.

I love how these are just sweet enough to feel like an indulgence but at the same time light enough to justify every bite of consumption. Blueberry lemon scones…yum…. 

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Pomegranate Eggs

Pomegranate Eggs

Warm breakfast.

Warm blankets. Warm feet. Warm cider. Warm hearts. Isn’t that what this holiday season is about. Yes, yes it is.

Sometimes I get tired of my typical breakfasts: 1) almond butter with toast and an apple for breakfast, 2) english muffin with avocado and tomato on it, or 3) green smoothie with granola. Sometimes I just want something warm and savory and exploding with flavor.

This is that thing. This is your new breakfast. … 

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How to Make Almond Butter

How to Make Almond Butter

It’s the end of the week, so I guess it’s an appropriate time to make a food confession. I’ve already eaten way to many blueberry scones (that I was experimenting with yesterday, you’re going to love them) as well as some eggplant salsa dip. Top that off with putting pomegranate seeds on everything this week and I guess food confessions is really what a food blog is all about. Welcome to my world. I feel really blessed that I get to live somewhere that allows me to experiment with fruits and veggies like this.

For the real food confession…almond butter…. 

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Smoothie Bowl Basics

Smoothie Bowl

Does anyone else have a growing pile of papers on their desk? I think it has something to do with school having started, feeling like I can’t cross off as many things on my list as I need to, and being a full-blown soccer mom for the next two months. Busy means happy for the kids though. They have a balance of school, down-time, homework, and extra activities – like most kids, they thrive on some routine. For me, all this means that I’m squeezing in food where I can. This is where knowing some smoothie bowl basics comes in handy.

This is simple people. If you are looking for something healthy, nutty, fruity, and filling = taaadaaa!! Here it is.

Here’s the super not complicated tricks to a smoothie bowl:
* make a smoothie
* pour it in a bowl
* top it with stuff
* eat it

When I make a smoothie, I like to make lots of it. I use some in that moment and pour the rest into cups that I stick in the freezer. These come in handy for my late night snacks, tomorrow’s breakfast, or maybe just 2nd breakfast. It makes a smoothie bowl even quicker if you have some prepared that you can just soften in the microwave (just make sure not to heat it, just soften).

I like to include fruit chunks in my bowl, mango and blueberries being my top choices. Banana slices will make their way there as well. I always keep frozen fruit on hand for this reason. Fresh peaches, pineapples, plums, nectarines, and kiwis would be great as well. Really, what fruit could make this go wrong? Is there any stinky ones? That would be gross. Don’t do those ones.

To give the crunch factor, I like to add sliced almonds and seeds.  I usually have sunflower and pumpkin seeds around, so that’s easy. For extra crunch, I like to add my granola or some grape nuts.

I often stop there, if it’s morning. But to be honest, if this is an evening snack there’s definitely going to be some mini chocolate chips thrown in there too.

I know I’ve talked about smoothie bowls before, but really, this is an underestimated meal/snack/get-in-my-belly-now food choice. So yah, here I am talking about it again. Cheers to green smoothies today and I hope you have a really good one!

Smoothie Bowl

And because I really believe in you and your amazingness…here’s a little reminder for the day:

magical person you are

(via my pinterest board quotes to live by)

Veggie Eggs

Veggie Eggs

Breathe…breathe again…I need to do this more. I need to slow down and breathe and let the air flow around and from me and let myself live in that moment more. I need to appreciate that time, the gift that is today. We have today and now and I know I don’t always give the day my full attention, sometimes the list of things gets in the way. The spontaneous and fun get forgotten. This fully counts towards food too.

I’m constantly impressed with others’ creativity, but then in the quick simple moments, I might whip up something that is easy, fresh, and perfectly satisfying. These veggie eggs are one of those moments…. 

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Berry Banana Smoothie // Vegan

Berry Banana Milkshake

Sometimes a recipe with 3 or 4 ingredients is pretty amazing. This is one of those times. I was with some friends for a girls’ night out (who is up for another one soon?) and we started talking about blogging. One friend said she made this awesome smoothie and I should really post about it. Shout out to Kristin and a possible blog in the works! :) And she was right, this is awesome.

Lots of people love my peanut butter oatmeal smoothie and I know you’ll like this one too. It’s perfect for breakfast, an after school snack, or a healthy dessert. The kids definitely bought into this. Making smoothies is a super simple way to get your kids in the kitchen.

Speaking of buying, we recently got a vita-mix and I cannot tell you how amazing it is. It is my single most favorite kitchen tool. I thought my food processor was my favorite thing. Nope. Most days I rinse and reuse it 2 or 3 times. What I’m really telling you is that it’s worth every precious penny and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

This said, my blending capabilities have grown. If you have a regular blender all smoothie recipes here will work, but they might need more liquid added to make it blend. It’s still totally worth the effort. I’ve done the mix, stop the blender, stir with spoon, mix again, stop, stir, mix, etc, etc with regular blenders to know what you go through. Now go, make yourself a mid-day smoothie and enjoy some sunshine (at least if you live in the Portland area)…. 

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