Veggie Eggs

Veggie Eggs

Breathe…breathe again…I need to do this more. I need to slow down and breathe and let the air flow around and from me and let myself live in that moment more. I need to appreciate that time, the gift that is today. We have today and now and I know I don’t always give the day my full attention, sometimes the list of things gets in the way. The spontaneous and fun get forgotten. This fully counts towards food too.

I’m constantly impressed with others’ creativity, but then in the quick simple moments, I might whip up something that is easy, fresh, and perfectly satisfying. These veggie eggs are one of those moments…. 

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Berry Banana Smoothie // Vegan

Berry Banana Milkshake

Sometimes a recipe with 3 or 4 ingredients is pretty amazing. This is one of those times. I was with some friends for a girls’ night out (who is up for another one soon?) and we started talking about blogging. One friend said she made this awesome smoothie and I should really post about it. Shout out to Kristin and a possible blog in the works! :) And she was right, this is awesome.

Lots of people love my peanut butter oatmeal smoothie and I know you’ll like this one too. It’s perfect for breakfast, an after school snack, or a healthy dessert. The kids definitely bought into this. Making smoothies is a super simple way to get your kids in the kitchen.

Speaking of buying, we recently got a vita-mix and I cannot tell you how amazing it is. It is my single most favorite kitchen tool. I thought my food processor was my favorite thing. Nope. Most days I rinse and reuse it 2 or 3 times. What I’m really telling you is that it’s worth every precious penny and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

This said, my blending capabilities have grown. If you have a regular blender all smoothie recipes here will work, but they might need more liquid added to make it blend. It’s still totally worth the effort. I’ve done the mix, stop the blender, stir with spoon, mix again, stop, stir, mix, etc, etc with regular blenders to know what you go through. Now go, make yourself a mid-day smoothie and enjoy some sunshine (at least if you live in the Portland area)…. 

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Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl

If I had to pick a cold favorite thing to eat, this would be it. I can literally taste it right now as I look at the picture. The green smoothie, my own granola, and topped with some fruit. Triple yum. Sometimes I throw on a small handful of mini chocolate chips too, because chocolate is good for you. Well, it’s good for me sometimes.

In the evenings, it’s nice to have a snack to blog to or watch Modern Family with and this is one of those snacks. I saw the idea somewhere and had to try it. I made my smoothie and poured it into a bowl instead of a cup. Kinda weird even now after I’ve done it so much. Then I topped it with granola (if you don’t have granola, top it with sliced almonds and/or green pumpkin seeds) and fresh fruit. Sometimes the fruit is bananas, sometimes blueberries thawed from the freezer, and sometimes I’m too lazy to put the fruit on top and I just eat it without. … 

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Avocado Toast for Breakfast

Avocado Toast

Happy New Year people! I’ve written “2014″ several times now and it’s weird. So far this first week has been great. I took a brief hiatus for December (really and truly wonderful and crazy busy month) and I’m happy to see you all here ready to eat healthy for 2014! Especially eating this avocado toast for breakfast…. 

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Baking {the protein packed and nutty way}

Healthy Treats

Sometimes I get all bakey. Is that a word…nope. But I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

The timing is right, it doesn’t feel like a burden to stand in the kitchen for at least 4 hours, and once one recipe is complete, you move onto the next…joyfully.

My children are quite used to me being in the kitchen and we have some good conversation. I bake or cook and they do homework and report their day to me. Then they take their usual places at the dining room table and get their craft on: cutting a piece of paper into approximately 100 million pieces, writing stories, drawing, and paper stamping. These will be fond memories…. 

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Does Eating Vegan Cost More

breakfast over meal planning

Who spends more money at the grocery store without a shopping list? Anyone?

Totally me.

Or if I don’t spend a lot, I will probably have to go back two more times that week. Then ultimately, it costs more. (Especially if I go to Trader Joe’s for dried natural mangoes…I’m not going to tell you how many I can consume).

The more times I’m at the store = the more times I buy things I wasn’t planning on.

So less store visits = more money in my pocket.

Total side-note…has anyone else ever put themselves in “No Shopping at Target” timeout for this reason? No…just me?… 

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